About Us



Gators Volleyball Club is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to teaching volleyball through a positive coaching philosophy and state-of-the-art teaching methods. Gators Volleyball teams compete in the USAV Junior Olympic Volleyball program through the New England Regional Volleyball Association (NERVA).

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Our motto is “People first, then volleyball” and this applies to how we invest in and support our athletes.  Maintaining a positive and supportive culture with a strong sense of community is a top priority for us.  We are committed to helping our girls and young women achieve their goals by teaching them valuable life lessons of hard work, teamwork, and overcoming adversity through volleyball.  Our athletes of today will become the scientists, artists, writers, teachers, and leaders of tomorrow.  As we encourage our female athletes to boldly pursue their goals in life, we feel it is important that our organization reflect those same values by striving to have women in prominent leadership roles within our own organization.  The majority of Gators coaches are women, and our Board of Directors has a female majority as well.  Encouraging our girls to do their best and reach for their goals is one of the great joys of coaching, and we think having women in leadership positions throughout our club makes this message much more meaningful to our athletes. 

“People first, then volleyball” also applies to our coaching staff.  For example, this year we are investing in advanced coaching education, sending twelve of our staff to USAVs Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP) training academy.  Our coaches are lifelong learners and students of the game, and this advanced state-of-the-art training will help them become even better coaches, thus further enriching the value we bring to the athletes.

The latest research on how people learn a sport like volleyball tells us that learning is very context-specific and task-specific. This means our coaches know how important it is to make practice activities as gamelike as possible and to maximize each player’s meaningful interactions with the ball. That’s why we discourage traditional 2-person pepper and will not waste a player’s time by running laps around the gym. Most importantly, Gators Volleyball coaches never forget that we are coaching people (not just volleyball players).  We know that our athletes have to know that we care, before they care what we know.   We measure success in terms of how of our athletes come back to play again next year.

Centered in the Bedford area, Gators Volleyball Club continues to grow, with over 200 athletes from 25 different towns this year, with 14 competitive travel teams plus in-house skills clinics, beach programs, and youth developmental programs.   Our teams travel to various tournament sites throughout New England to compete against teams from other clubs.  We are all very excited for our most competitive and successful year yet!