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gators has increased our offerings of developmental programs for athletes under 11 years old.

at what age should my daughter start playing volleyball?

Traditionally in New England, girls would often wait until 8th or 9th grade to try out the sport. This has changed dramatically in recent years, as many more girls in 3rd through 6th grade are taking an interest in the game.


At Gators Volleyball Club, we are very excited about this trend, and we have taken steps to foster these younger athletes. Gators was instrumental in introducing youth tournaments for girls 11 and younger against other clubs in New England, and we have increased our offerings of developmental programs for athletes in this age range.


These programs provide great opportunities for younger players to build and improve their skills in a low pressure, non-competitive environment, along with learning how to apply the skills during team play. For the 2019 season, Gators was proud to form the first U10 team to compete in NERVA tournament series.

Gators Youth Volleyball

Gators is proud to be a pioneer in paving the way for younger athletes to get involved. In 2019, Gators was instrumental in helping NERVA establish a new division of play in New England, called the U12 Tripleball division, in which our U10 teams compete. We are very exited that this division has more than doubled in size for the 2020 season!


Our fall weekly clinic series has a special U10 program which helps our youngest athletes prepare for completing on our teams. Registration will begin in August.


In the meantime, young volleyball players can attend the Gators Volleyball Weekly Clinic during spring 2020 in Bedford, MA. Click here to learn more and to register for the clinic!