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Our daughter tried out for both Gators and another club, and chose Gators because she preferred the people and coaching philosophy at Gators. This past weekend made us feel particularly good about her choice. A number of us on the sidelines were taken aback by how intense and vocal the other club’s coaches and parents were at the tournament. We were very proud of how our girls conducted themselves in that situation. You are developing the girls the right way through encouragement and positivity. The progress has been steady and solid. Keep up the terrific job you are doing!

Tim R.

Andover, MA

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for a memorable season. We feel like we hit the jackpot with this team! Your coaching was so positive and helped the girls grow so much as individuals and as a team. You encouraged the girls not to be afraid to make mistakes which gave them confidence to try new things. They always had fun whether they were winning or losing, never criticized each other even when things got tough, and kept a “we got this” attitude in every game. My favorite moment of this final tournament was on the last day when you called a time out as the team was struggling and greeted the girls with the biggest smile. One of the parents on the opposing team noticed and said to me that their coach would never have had so much patience. It just summed up everything we’ve loved about this season. Truly it’s been our best experience in 10+ years of organized sports. So thank you again and we look forward to next year!


Catherine C

Winchester, MA

I just wanted to thank you. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her Gators experience. She has learned so much and has had a wonderful and fun experience with your club and with Coach Tasha. Thank you!!

Katie K

Bedford, MA

My daughter loves Gators Volleyball Club! And I love the Coaches’ words to the parents about good sportsmanship, learning & fun being the priority and philosophy of Gators. Glad to be a part of such an organization.

Laureen F

Belmont, MA

I would like to thank you for encouraging my daughter to try out for Gators Volleyball. She has had an amazing season of growth and development. Her team has been highly successful due to the positive culture projected by the entire coaching staff. We really feel the Gators Volleyball club is like a family who treats everyone with respect and care.</span< It is not just about great volleyball. It is about establishing meaningful lasting friendships as well as personal growth in a cooperative secure environment. Thank you for your leadership, which sets the tone for success on and off the court.

Joanne R

Concord, MA

At the end of my daughter’s high school season, my daughter was surprised to win the award for highest number of kills and aces on the varsity team for the season. She told us she had the Gators to thank because her playing on your team prepared her, and she learned so much from being on your team. That is something to be thankful for! Your program is allowing girls who have a passion for volleyball to flourish.

Donna J

Burlington, MA

We have experienced many club and school volleyball teams over the years, and being part of the Gators program was tops in so many ways. The coaches built a cohesive team and also worked hard on strengthening individual skills in each of the girls. We especially liked the emailed videos that helped my daughter really see the areas she needed to work on. The Winterfest tournament created great camaraderie among the girls that lasted throughout the season – she’s still in touch with friends from the team. We got to know a very welcoming group of parents as well! Gators helped my daughter grow as a player in a positive, challenging, and competitive environment. Thanks for a great season!

Susan A

North Andover, MA

Our daughter learned so much on and off the court playing for the Gators. On court, her skills improved tremendously. She learned additional skills and continued to improve upon known skills as a setter. She also learned other skills for other areas on the court allowing her to become a better and more versatile volleyball player. Off court, our daughter also markedly matured before our eyes due to the philosophy of the Gators coaches, who used positive reinforcement and provided constructive criticism and methods to improve and strengthen skills.

Katie & Kevin Y

Woburn, MA

I want to thank Gators volleyball for providing top notch coaches and an incredible environment. Not only are the coaches very talented, but more importantly Gators provides a positive, healthy culture in which their players thrive. Gators provided skills both on the court and off the court that have helped our daughter progress significantly! Thank you Gators!!!

Sharon P-T

Wilmington, MA

Our daughter joined Gators this year without having prior team experience. She had a blast and learned a lot. Right from the tryouts, she noted how nice all the girls were and certainly enjoyed how they came together as a team. She felt welcomed immediately. I noticed how much coaching she received, which certainly helped her to improve and get ready for high school tryouts. It was a terrific first year and she will definitely be back next year.

Susan F.

Winchester, MA

My daughter just completed her third year playing with the Gators. This was an unprecedented year with her team having girls from 8 different towns, going to 2 major weekend-long tournaments, and taking first place at 3 tournaments. The group of girls were wonderful and bonded to a tight-knit team that had a lot of fun together. The coaching was always positive and the skill improvement, both individually and as a team, grew consistently over the season. Gators is a well-run organization that provides competitive play, a fun environment, and a learning/growth opportunity for all involved.

Ruby K

Bedford, MA

The Gators Volleyball Club has been a real boost to my daughter. She has always loved volleyball, and Gators gave her that opportunity. She visibly improved this season as I watched from the sidelines – she made serves, blocks, and developed maturity which I hadn’t seen before. She surprised even herself. The coaches were so nurturing and positive, I credit Gators as her skill levels and confidence rose to varsity level. She enjoyed the positive support of great coaches and teammates.

Pam G

Bedford, MA

My daughter’s experience playing for the Gators was a positive and learning one. It was great to see such camaraderie and spirit among the girls. They became fast friends and even though the team was a representation of 4 towns, they came together and played as one. It was great to see an organization that fosters a positive learning environment as well as a competitive one. Thanks for a great season!!!! See you in December!!

Liz B

Burlington, MA

My daughter had a very enjoyable U14 season with the Gators. She had a great time with her teammates, learned a lot from her coaches, improved tremendously, and grew to love volleyball. Along the way, the team won two tournament championships. This was an excellent season!

Otto J

Carlisle, MA

Our daughter just completed her second season with the Gators Volleyball Club. This program has been great for her, and she has learned more from the Gators’ coaching staff than she has anywhere else in the past. She looked at other local programs, but the Gators was the best fit for a number of reasons. The organization is very competitive and well-run, and we have been extremely happy with the program since the day she joined. We would highly recommend it to any family that is looking into club volleyball for their daughter.

Chris & Maggie M

Burlington, MA

The Gators Volleyball Club offers a welcoming and encouraging playing environment for all skill levels. The coaching staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the game. Since the seventh grade, our daughter, now a graduating senior in high school, not only has learned to play volleyball, but has developed a love for the game. She will miss the Gators’ “never give up” attitude.

Lois and Steve R

Bedford, MA

My daughter had a great time last night and will be excited to join. She remarked on how she loved her coaches and how all her teammates were very friendly. She was especially happy to hear the coaches explain how skill development will be more positive reinforcement based, instead of “in your face” punishment based. I’d say a “thumbs up” on running a great club and having such good coaches.

Walter M

Winchester, MA