2019 Teams and Schedule

Gators Volleyball Club has formed 14 teams for the 2019 season – five power teams and nine club level teams as detailed in the chart below, ranging from U10 through u18.  Teams will begin practicing within 2 weeks after tryouts and continue until May 2019.  Anticipated practice schedules and coaching assignments are shown below:

Planned tournament dates for the 2019 season will include the following:

January 12-13: Winterfest, Hartford, CT (U12, U14 & U15 Power teams)
January 19-21: Winterfest, Hartford, CT (U16, U17 & U18 Power teams)
February 1-3: U18 Open Level Qualifier (U17 and U18 Power teams)
February 8-10: U16 Open Level Qualifier (U15 and U16 Power teams)
February 9: NERVA U14 tournament at U16 Open Level Qualifier (U14 Power team)
February 17: Gators Scrimmage Day (U12-U15 Club teams)
February 22-24: Mizuno Boston Volleyball Festival (All teams U12 and up)
March 3: NERVA 1 (all teams U10 and up)
March 9: Gators U11 Tournament (U10 Club team)
March 9-10: Great Noreaster (U14, U15, U17, & U18 Power teams)
March 16-17: Great Noreaster (U16 Power team)
March 17: NERVA 2 (all teams U10 and up, except U16 Power team)
March 31: NERVA 3 (all teams U10 and up)
April 7: NERVA 4 (all teams U10 and up)
April 13: Dragons U11 Tournament in Worcester (U10 Club Team)
April 27-28: Rhode Island Rumble (all power teams)
May 5: NERVA 5 (all teams U10 and up)