How Young?

Parents often ask about the age at which their daughter should start playing volleyball. Traditionally in New England, girls would often wait until 8th or 9th grade to try out the sport. This has changed dramatically in recent years, as many more girls in 3rd through 6th grade are taking an interest in the game. At Gators Volleyball Club, we are very excited about this trend, and we have taken steps to foster these younger athletes. Gators was instrumental in introducing youth tournaments for girls 11 and younger against other clubs in New England, and we have increased our offerings of developmental programs for athletes in this age range. These programs provide great opportunities for younger players to build and improve their skills in a low pressure, non-competitive environment, along with learning how to apply the skills during team play.  For the 2019 season, Gators was proud to form the first U10 team to compete in NERVA tournament series, and they are featured in the following video:

Please fill out the brief questionnaire below if your 3rd or 4th grade daughter is interested in learning to play volleyball and joining the program this fall, and check out this video to see how much fun volleyball can be for girls 11 and younger!