High School Readiness Clinic

Gators Volleyball Club will hold a special clinic on Thursday August 15 designed to help girls entering grades 9-12 prepare for their upcoming high school tryouts.  The clinic will run from 6:00pm-9:00pm at Lane Elementary school in Bedford (66 Sweetwater Avenue) and will be led by Club Director Frank Gardner.

The clinic will include game-like drills and scrimmages designed to tune up your skills and build confidence for tryouts for your high school teams.  We will also have a discussion about the types of attitudes and behaviors high school coaches like to see athletes demonstrate during tryouts.  

Space is limited, so please register now by following Steps 1, 2, and 3 below to guarantee a spot in the program.

Step 1 – Pay the $60 Clinic Fee

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Step 2 – Join USAVolleyball

Most athletes are already registered with USA Volleyball for the 2019 season and therefore can skip this step.  If not, please use the buttons below to do so now.  Due to liability reasons, all athletes must be active USAV members, and there are no exceptions to this rule.  If you’ve never played Junior Olympic Volleyball before, use the first button below.  Otherwise, returning players should use the second button. Either button will open a new browser window for the USAV registration, which you can just close (or “x” out of) upon completion to return here.  When registering with USAVolleyball, you can select “Gators Volleyball Club” from the dropdown menu for club affiliation.  You must pay the USAV annual membership fee with a credit card at the time of online registration.  Once your payment is processed, you will be able to print off your USAV membership card.  This is absolutely required, as we cannot let any player into the gym who is not a current USAV member.

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Step 3 – Fill in the Questionnaire Below and Click the Blue “Submit” Button